Thursday, March 10

Convicted of a crime I didn't even commit. Hah! Attempted murder. Now honestly, what is that? Do they give a Nobel Prize for attempted chemistry?

No real surprise here. Socialized medicine is not better, just like socialized anything is not better. The only times things should be socialized is when benefits from said things are shared by everyone, like an army. But essentially by definition there is a limit to any economic good. Not everyone can enjoy the good without limitation. In the US the limitation is whether or not you can pay for it. In socialized medicine it's whether or not you can wait for it, or have the political pull to jump the line. No surprise that politicians and government workers in general who may not have the money but will have the political pull prefer a system where politicians get first dibs.

Also as a side note it is interesting that the US has better cancer curing rates than all these countries, but ranks lower in healthcare. My understanding of the reason for this is that when the UN/other ranking agencies rank healthcare, they don't actually rank the quality of the healthcare provided. They rank the quality of the healthcare provided based on what could have been provided. Therefore in their eyes the US falls below a country like turkey, not because the US is worse than turkey, but because the US could be so much better than it is, if only we had universal health care. Canada is doing all it can with the resources available to it, and if only we had universal healthcare we would be able to extend all of our excellent health care to everyone. They assume there is no causal relationship. That the quality of our health care is in no way linked to the private system that doles it out. Of course this makes the rankings purely political diatribes with no basis in fact.

p.s. that quote had nothing to do with the article, i just couldn't think of anything else, and that's a pretty good line.


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I thought it was attempted physics. . .

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