Friday, February 26

I couldn't think of a title

It's funny how when a democrat says something that might be racist, it's awkwardness or haplessness, never something actually racist. But if a conservative said it, then it would be racist, and disgusting, and the conservative in question would be the worst kind of scum. It's kind like when i conservative says something stupid it's because conservatives are stupid, but when obama says he's visited 57 different states, or biden says "When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the princes of greed" It's just a slip of the tongue, or a gaffe. Not possibly an indication of stupidity. This is only fair because we know (or at least the media knows if you don't) that conservatives are racists, and liberals are loving and appreciative of all races, and conservatives are stupid and liberals are smart. So naturally it's the responcibility of the media to enlighten those less fortunate than them by promoting story lines that we perpetuated those preconceptions, and downplaying any story line that might cause people to accidentally think that something else were possible.


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