Wednesday, February 24

Me fail english? That's unpossible.

This is certainly horrifying. I almost hope it's an early april fool prank, because it is horrifying. I read something about texas vs. california a little while ago, which said that texas students tend to be 2 full grade levels beyond california students. This is certainly a good reason why. Imagine if it always cost 500,000 dollars to fire someone, nobody would ever get fired. No wonder california is bankrupt and going down the toilet. How can nobody see how insnane this system is. The worst part is the update where they want to plan to cut back on lifelong tenure for inexperienced teachers? What? What planet is this? So before it was common practice to give lifetime tenure to inexperienced teachers? And we are cutting back? How about eliminating lifetime tenure for any teacher. The whole idea of lifetime tenure is bizarre is the first place. I guess i can understand it somewhat in a university setting where you want to give a professor the opportunity to do research without having to constantly worrying about losing his job, but for what reason should teachers have lifetime guaranteed contracts, apparently long after they are capable of working? I suppose the teachers union would strike, but at this point i think you would have to say fine. Fire them all, and start from scratch. This is not a tenable situation. Better to have a whole year without school and just have kids be 1 year behind, than subject them to constantly being taught by inenpt teachers who have no incentive to do a better job because they are impossible to fire.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ridiculous. If it is an April fool's day joke, it's totally unfunnier.


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