Friday, February 26

I want what the dog's eating.

I had never heard any of this before. I find it remarkable that in a country that has been consumed by health care debate for the past several months, and as someone who has paid, if not avid, some attention, i have never heard this brought up by anyone. Seems like a pretty easy first step in improving medical care and reducing costs is having more hospitals. I can't see why anybody would have ever thought (or could continue to think) that blocking the building of hospitals could be a good thing. It seems to me you should be able to get unanimous support for over turning such foolishness if anyone in the public actually knew it existed. Once again i have to hope that this is an online prank, because it seems so odd that it couldn't be true, but i'm afraid i do believe that it is. The only way to reduce costs is to have more hospitals, and more doctors, and have them competing with each other. The idea that reducing competition reduces cost, or increases efficiency is a pillar of communist economics, and the reason why communist economics collapses (it's got crummy pillars.)


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