Friday, January 8

Let the bears pay the bear tax, i pay the homer tax

I am so tired of the government trying to legislate through taxes. This is possibly the best reason not to have any government funded health care. Because if the government doesn't pay for anyone's health care, then they have to right to butt into what i decide to put into my own body. Stop taxing cigarettes, stop taxing booze and stop taxes food. If i want to live an unhealthy lifestyle that's up to me and my insurance provider if i choose to pay for insurance. If an insurance company wants to charge a huge premium based on how much you weigh/smoke/drink, that's up them, you don't like it don't buy insurance from them (or stop eating/smoking/drinking). But if the government starts doing it then you've got no choice. by what possible logic can the people of america demand payment from me if i decide to eat a bag of chips, or drink a coke. We are going to end up in demolition man future where anything that is bad for you is illegal. (for anyone who didn't see the movie, it certainly isn't classic cinema, but it has a few funny parts.)

As a sidenote the dumbest part of all of this is the diet soda's which are actually worse for you would be exempt from proposed taxes because they have the word diet on them.


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