Saturday, November 21

Stupid is as stupid does.

I'm not a devout catholic, but when i read things like this, it just makes me sad for anyone who is a devout catholic. Because catholicism is close to the hearts of many lithuanians, and many lithuanian american communities, i would be happy to support catholicism over any other religion, but this just cries out that catholics don't want to be a serious religion anymore. They enjoy it more when they are the butt of late night jokes, and cracks around the water cooler. Anybody who thought it was their goal to spread the message of god to the world, or to take on/combat the evils of human nature/help people in society could possibly take an attack against these vampire movies seriously. Not that i think these movies are anything other than trash. I have no plans to ever read any of these books, or see any of these movies, but only and idiot of historic proportions worthy of being written about for centuries to come could possibly think it behooves the catholic church to attack this movie. A movie/series i might add that suggests absitinece is cool/a good idea. I don't know the details, but my understanding is that the girl doesn't have sex with the vampire. Catholic church lost most of it's credibility long ago, but now it seems that they feel the need to spit in the face of anyone who ever believed in them by demonstrating just how stupid they are. They are in effect saying you thought we had something positive to say?!?! we better correct you by proving once and for all we are among the most stupid and self destructive organizations ever created. The catholics deserve nothing more than total self-destruction, and although it pains me to say it, the lithuanian american community deserves the same for putting their faith in the catholic church.


Blogger Aras said...

I think you might be over reacting just a teensy little bit.

It's true that the church would have to assume its parishioners are idiots for the message to be relevant. However, if the books are as stupid as the movie, and the books sold 65 million copies, then the church is looking at 65 million idiots who actually might need that kind of advise. Here's a quote from one IMBd review: "I personally witnessed a twelve year old say that she wanted to have Robert Pattinson's baby.". Wow! Idiot.

8:45 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

The point is the church out to find out a better use of their time and energy. I don't recall, but did they also come out against harry potter? what about dragonlance books? Both promote witchcraft. the point is this a piece of entertainment for teenage girls, just like when a certain sister i can think of became obsessed with that tv show about alieums (roswell.) I'm not here to defend teenage girls obsessions, just to point out that they are no more than that, and the for members of the church to think this movie/series is going to turn their parishiners towards the occult/satan/away from god is just silly. If you stoop to the level of taking this seriously, then in my eyes you are now on the same level, and i will take you as seriously as i take the series.

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