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I don't necassarily begrudge a person of having such incomprehsiple ideas/positions. we all have different backgrounds and different levels of educations, but i have to seriously question any society that would allow such a person to rise to a level higher than crazy street hobo. First he contends that the shooting at fort hood happened because there are too many guns allowed in america? Clearly if we restricted the militarys access to guns this never would have happened. Members of the military should obviously not be trusted with guns, and sane person can see that. The military of the US are the people who are least trustworthy of all to have guns. And oprah winfrey, this biggest, and one of the most powerful media members of all time was forced to retire because of all the media media hatred directed towards her. How could one of the most powerful media personalities of all time possibly compete with some local negative coverage about her. Obviously she had no choice but to retire, she's lucky she didn't have to relinquish her billions of dollars of wealth, and the fame that allowed her to turn anybook into a best sellerover night. One has to seriously consider whether or not daley should be committed to an insane asylum, and conclude obvoiusly that he is not qualified to be the mayor of a city, and that an city that would elect an insane person maybe should not be trusted to vote for it's own mayor (or any other political office) in the future.


Blogger Aras said...

That's a good idea. Every election should have a fake name on the ballot. Everybody who is stupid enough to vote for it should be marked digitally and all future votes in elections disqualified.

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Blogger Trashcan said...

well the real solution is to institute some sort of intelligence/awareness test in order to vote. You could go the route heinlein wanted (I think) and have a math problem you must be able to solve testing intelligence, or just questions about the basics of US government. Who is you senator, who is your govenor, how many supreme court justices are there. If you don't care enough to know those things, i don't know why anybody else should care what you have to say/think.

The problem though is who would get to decide the questions, where is the line drawn. we end up in the episode of the simpsons when lisa joins mensa, and only the smartest are running the town, but then they start arguing about which one is the smartest etc.

Oh excellent, not only are the trains now running on time, they're running on metric time. Remember this time people, 80 past 2 on April 47th, it's the dawn of a new enlightenment.

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