Thursday, November 19

Obama needs Vizzini to plan for him. He has no gift for strategy.

Here's a good idea. Instead of simply convicting this guy in military tribunal we are going to try him in civilian court. Obama claims the only reason we are doing it is because he is going to be found guilty anyway. Really? Cause according to Obama he was tortured while incarcerated. I don't see how he could possibly convicted. But best case scenario lets say he is. At the bottom of the article it schumer claims they're going to have to spend 75 Million dollars on extra security for his trial. So best case scenario we convict a guy everyone knows is guilty and it costs us an extra 75 million to do it, more likely we get to spend 75 million to set him free. Sounds like a good plan.


Blogger Aras said...

Schumer's an idiot too, if he'd just lapse on the security someone would kill him and get it over with.

4:42 AM  

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