Wednesday, January 13

La...tex con...dom. boy i'd like to live in one of those.

For cereal? Now it's illegal to carry condoms. Well done government. You think the government can't come up with any more inane ideas. But that's the great thing about the government, no matter how low your expectations, they always manage to limbo under them. There are probably too many reasons to list for this being dumb, so i'll just list the first 2 that come to mind.

1. By what logic is carrying a legal product construed as intent to commit an illegal act? By this logic police should be allowed to arrest anyone carrying/wearing a ski mask because they are obviously going to use it to rob a bank (same for pantyhose.) Obviously a law abiding citizen could never use a legally obtained product for it's legal use.

2. As the article points out this is going to make prostitutes lives much worse. If the goal of banning prostitution is to protect women, and prevent them from being forced to degrade themselves by turning to prostitution than how does this help that goal. This will lead to more unsafe sex, which means more sexual disease for both prostitutes and their clients, as well as unwanted pregnancies that are likely to lead to back alley abortions, once again threatening the life the mother.

3. The real reason this law was enacted was to allow cops to harass people without needing any probable cause. Now a cop can arrest a woman they think looks like a prostitute and not worry about actually having any proof. This should be unconstitutional as they are clearly trying to circumvent the justice system. (NY is doing the same with their gun laws which is plexico burress is in jail.) With no evidence other than "suspision" officers are allowed to arrest people (which i assume means take them to prison and hold them there until a judge sees them. There's a word for that, it's called kidnapping. If you want to arrest a citizen of the united states you need to have evidence that they have committed a crime.

maybe they are just afraid of more cops being sued for being incompitent/lying to try to justify their false arrests. They should just make it legal for cops to do anything they want, then they want have to worry about all these annoying lawsuits.


Blogger Liepa said...

it's illegal to have 3+ condoms? you can't buy condoms in less than a pack of 3! and any sensible sexually active person would buy in bulk.

9:27 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

well it's not technically illegal to have condoms, but cops can arrest you basically without evidence if they think you are a prostitute in these areas (which are presumable heavily prostituted.) As such having multiple condoms is taken to be more than ample evidence of prostitution. Don't ask me to defend it, obviously any sane person would tell you it is crazy. That's what the government has to do it.

11:39 PM  
Blogger Aras said...

I had to repost that article on facefuck.

2:51 PM  

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