Tuesday, October 20

Did i offend you? Good!!!

I could not be more tired of this idea that someone being offended by something is a high crime. If there exist a single person who might find something offensive than clearly it must be done away with. This could not be better illustrated than these cases where people were afraid that the american flag could be offensive. In particular, as far as the articles say, nobody was in fact offended, but there was fear that some might be, and so the flags had to be taken down. The case of the firefighter is particularly stupid. They all wear american flags on their uniform, but a guy can't have one on his locker? What happens if they accidentally save the life of a guy who finds american flags offensive and he sues them for saving his life while wearing an american flag on their uniforms. Oh yeah, that could never happen, because it's mind numbingly stupid, just like being worried that someone would sue over an american flag on a fireman's locker. I guess i shouldn't say never because it could happen. Whatever the penalty for bringing stupid lawsuits to court (covering court costs?) it needs to be increased to curtail ridicioulus lawsuits.



Also offensive? Halloween costumes. Get over yourself. People are on the lookout for things to be offenended by. As marge said about ultimate fighting "call me a kill joy but i think that because this is not to my taste, no one else should be able to enjoy it" you don't like the costume don't wear it, don't associate with people who wear it. It seems like people now have their profession to be going around finding things to be offended by, and trying to get other people on board by explaining to them why they should be offended. Limbaugh owning a football team and Imus' comments a couple years ago seem like prominent examples, but there plenty of examples all over from every political corner. Why don't you stop getting offended and get overyourself. Or feel free to be as offended as you want, but it keep it to yourself.



Blogger Aras said...

As an English teacher, I should point out an error of expression: "...people now have their profession to be going around finding things to be offended by..." should read:
"...people now go around finding things to be offended by like it's their job."

The article is updated to say the firefighter was sentenced to death. Wait, oops, I mean he's reinstated and may keep his sticker in place. The same reversal is true for the apartment complex.

I hope you're going to be an illegal alien for Halloween! I was only able to find the costume on eBay: four items

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