Tuesday, October 13

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Polanksi's lawyer is concerned about his state of mind and claims the director is depressed in njail, and should be allowed out on bail. Really? he's depressed in jail? that's shocking, i'm shocked, i just don't know what to say...except, good. You're supposed to be depressed in njail. I would be concerned about his state of mind if he wasn't depressed in jail. And obviously someone who once fled a country shouuld never be allowed to post bail again, that's just foolish.


So remeber that article about the kid biking to school, and i said next the school system will be investigating what kids eat for breakfast. Well i thought at the time that i was joking, but it turns out i wasn't because the prophecy has been fulfilled. i have no problem with thhe school making breakfast availble for kids if they want it. I never ate breakfast in highschool, not because we didn't have the money for breakfast, but because i would rather sleep for 10 more minutes than get up and fry an egg. If they have studies that show food helps kids learn, than by all means make food available, but they aren't just making it available they are basically forcing kids to eat their breakfast by threatening principlas who don't get enough of their kids to eat the state provided breakfast. I can't imagine what the point of that could possibly be unless they want to use it as a political tool in the future to say look how awesome this program is, 90% of kids are now eating healthy breakfasts.


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duh. i'm sure one or more the the biggest breakfast providers are either related to, friends with, or sponsors of the governor.

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