Friday, November 21

It's people. Soylent green is made of people.

This is an article about assisted suicide in switzerland. The article is nothing super duper special just reminded me of the issue. Washington approved assisted suicide for terminal patients this month if i recall correctly. I just find it mind boggling, that anyone would think that you shouldn't have the right to kill yourself. I don't want to live anymore and society decides, no, we are going to require that you keep living. I don't care if people are terminal or not, the right to not live anymore is at least as inherent as the right to live. In nature no animal actually has any right to live, you must fight, you must work to live, if you don't then you die. But yet in our society if you don't want to be alive anymore, then the government will force you to continue living. To who's benefit could this possibly be. Certainly not the person's he doesn't want to be alive. Whenever you take choice away from a person you can only make them worse off. Clearly it's not better for society because now they have to spend the money to keep the person alive. I guess in some religious context you could prevent someone's soul from going to hell, but that would be an awfully goofy way to run the system. I know you wanted to kill yourself, and had you, you would have gone to hell, but because you were physically prevented from doing so, now you get into heaven. That would be a hell of a deal. If they want to have some sort of waiting period before you can go through official suicide channels, that's okay with me. Make sure someone isn't killing themselves on a drunken whim, or have just broken up with their girlfriend, etc. Of course conventional methods would still be available to such people. But whether i'm dying or not, what right does anyone else have to tell me that i must continue my existence.


Blogger Aras said...

So you're pro-mercy killing, but anti-suicide booth?

3:30 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

No i'm not anti suicide booth in the sense i don't believe justification is required before killing yourself, and if you want to put up booths that a drunk man can stumble into late at night, mistake for a phone and kill himself while trying to place a collect call to his uncle, i won't try to stop you. But i don't have a problem with a time requirement before a person is allowed to kill themselves. I don't believe that a person will be unduly harmed by being forced to wait a week before killing himself, and that a number of people might change their minds and realize that they want to live. The gains by them outweighs any minimal harm caused to people who decide to go through with it after all.

11:46 PM  

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