Thursday, November 13

Economic Waste

So Obama's team is concerned about ticket scalping to his inauguration. It is my contention (economic fact) that illegaling ticket scalping is anti-economic. If the ticket is more important to someone else ( they are willing to pay more for it, than it is worth) then by definition they should have it, they buy it from you and both sides are better off. Ticket scalping has been slowly becoming legal in some states but not all. Anyway In general inauguration tickets are parceled out to VIPs and campaign supporters, but Obama's staff is worried about tickets being auctioned of on Ebay/craigs list, so they are trying to quickly scrape together a federal law making that illegal. I don't see how they can do that without bush's signature, which he is probably unwilling to grant just to be a nice guy. Anyway, the main point is that they have speculated that the tickets could be auctioned for as much as $40,000. there are close to 250,000 tickets available to this event. If they could really sell tickets for $40,000 each, that would make $10,000,000,000. I'm not saying 10,000,000,000 could really make a big dent in the federal deficit, but it certainly wouldn't hurt. If Obama were to say auction off tickets to the highest bidder and then give the money to the big three car companies (which are now begging for money from the democrats) i'm sure they would appreciate it. 40,000 is based on not many tickets being available for sale, but even if they could sell 100,000 tickets at 10,000 each, they could rewrite the campaign finance laws, and use that money to support public campaigns for years to come. instead of a paltry 80,000,000 or whatever it is, they could give enough public money to force campaigns to take it.


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