Monday, November 17

Females taking over the planet.

This article is certainly bad news for the human race. It's basically about declining male birth rates, the increase in male birth defects, and lower male sperm quality. A decline in the number of quality men, will be good news for the quality men because they will be more in demand. If the trend continues, it may also cause people/governments to rethink their policies on polygamy. It may actually not matter because far fewer men are required now than in the days of old. Back when a lot of hard labor was required to grow food/stay alive, a population deficient in males wouldn't last very long. But maybe now it's better to have more girls, and the human race is just adapting to a lesser need for men. There are studies that indicate that environmental triggers could make a difference in whether a girl or a boy is born. I don't remember but i think when triggers indicate hard times boys are more likely because they will be more able to fend for themselves, so maybe the abundance of food/heat/etc. is a large factor in any decreases in male birth ratios. In any case i thought it was an interesting article.


Blogger Aras said...

i tried over much of the day to find an article i read about that. it made me ask my wife to start eating breakfast, because the study showed that women who eat a hearty breakfast including grains gave birth more often to boys. the theory was that boys eat more, so if there's lots of food around, the boy won't go hungry. i guess. i can't remember exactly, which is why i tied to find the article. it's an interesting subject.

8:38 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

Yeah, i think it's an article that i sent you. unfortunately i could also not find it, or remember the details of it.

2:29 AM  

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