Tuesday, November 11

Damn the people!!!

So arnold swazzenegger is already calling on the california courts to overturn the ban on gay marriage. So it's not good enough that they overrule the referendum, and then they put in a new bill to change to constitution which also passes. Why don't we just do away with democracy in this country. Clearly nobody likes it anymore. We'll just have the judiciary be in charge of everything. We can still elect congressmen and presidents, but their only job will be to appoint judges who will then rule from on high. Clearly america is yearning to go back to it's younger days when it was controlled by edicts from the king of england. I believe i've heard in the past that something like 5% of people are gay. So now they are protesting because the other 95% of straight people voted to take away something that they feel is rightfully theirs. I hope when Obama enacts tax increases on the top 5% of earners they protest also and sue the supreme court to declare the tax increase unconstitutional, because they don't like the decision. As i've noted before, i am pro legalizing all forms of marriage between consenting adults, but i am not pro overturning the will of the people. It's about time for america to decide who's in charge of this country anyway. Is it the people, or is the judges. Judges have been overturning the will of the people and the legislature (elected by the people) left and right on made up pretenses. Meanwhile they have let plenty of clearly unconstitutional measures (McCain feingold comes to mind) stand. Obama will be appointing several new supreme court judges as the old and decrepit retire, and i have no doubt that within 10 years the supreme court of the US will declare it unconstitutional to ban gay marriage. Nobody cares what the people want anymore.


Blogger Aras said...

The question I have is how could it get onto the ballot if it's unconstitutional? That doesn't really make sense to me: let's play a game, if one sides wins the game will be valid, and if the other side wins the game will be disqualified?

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Blogger Trashcan said...

That's exactly what happened. The proponents of gay marriage didn't sue ahead of time because they thought (and polls showed) that the measure would fail, and it would be a huge victory for the gay community. But now that it has passed, obviously the measure was not valid, and must be overturned. That's fine, but let's just make it official, and stop any pretense about this being a democracy, where the will of the people has any standing.

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