Wednesday, November 12

The media's job is to unquestioningly support Obama

It's exactly a surprise to anyone that Chris mathews considers it his job to make sure Obama's presidency goes as smoothly as possible, just as he considered it his job to make sure Bush's went as badly as possible. What is a little surprising is that he would admit it out loud. Mathews never made any bones about being literally in love with obama, so we should only expect him to do all in his power to defend and promote him. It is a little odd that some people are still willing to take him seriously as a journalist. He has all but officially declared his intention to run for the senate on a democratic ticket, he should stop the pretense of being a journalist and just become a democratic spokesperson. I'm sure MSNBC wouldn't mind, they are practically declare from the rooftops that they are the channel of the democratic party. People say the O'reilly and limbaugh are bastions of the republican party, but they really aren't, they are bastions unto themselves. O'reilly is a populist. He'll take the most popular position from both parties and support them, although he certainly does lean right. Limbaugh has repeatedly ripped McCain, and the republican party, he is only interested in himself, and 400 million dollar contract, the republican party can go along for the ride if they want to, but they would be following him, not the other way around. Mathews and MSNBC on the other hand, seem only interested in promoting the democratic party, with nary an ill word. What really boggles the mind is that many people in the US still don't believe there is any liberal bias in the media. They just can't fathom the idea that the media could really lean politically one way or the other.


Blogger Aras said...

yea what a cum guzzler. it's his job not to do his job (play hardball), because that would make the presidency less successful? he's basically admitted that obama's not up to par if he can't handle the scrutiny.

3:31 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

If he wants to be supportive of government in general that's one thing, but he would never ever pass up the opportunity to tear down a republican to help the government be more successful, he would go searching for opportunities to do that. Here someone asked him a question, and he refused to answer it. It does seem that if msnbc wanted any legitimacy he ought to resign his post, but msnbc doesn't want any legitimacy, so i guess it doesn't matter.

1:43 AM  

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