Friday, November 7

More election thoughts

So i've got 2 more thoughts here. The first is just something i heard about christopher shays (the last republican congressman from CT and from new england according to media outlets although i don't know how they define new england.) Anyway the point is christopher shays was a resident of bridgeport, and had brought a lot of federal money to help bridgeport. He was running against a democrat from grenwich (one of the richest areas on the country.) So naturally bridgeport would be the difference in this election and they would vote Shays out of office. Why keep around a guy from your own city who brings oodles of federal money, when instead you can vote in a guy from the richest area in the country who won't give a damn about bridgeport. Of course they really had no choice because shays had an R next to his name, and the other guy had a D. The same thing happened to simmons (my old congressman) in 2006. The fact that these republicans were very moderate, if not left of center, and did a great deal of good for their communities was irrelevant.

2. The ballot was a simple scantron. One line has all the republicans, and one line has all the democrats. Next to each is a bubble to fill in. So first off i was a little surprised to see directions on the back of the ballot. I figure, if you can't figure out a ballot this simple you shouldn't be allowed to vote. But what was truly disappointing was that they also had directions in spanish. If you can't read english you shouldn't be allowed to vote. I'm sorry, i know that literacy requirements (and other tests) were used to keep black people from voting in the past, but that's no reason to do away with intelligence requirements at all. There is an age requirement because we think that people under the age of 18 aren't mature enough to vote. But senile senior citizens, and even retarded people are allowed to vote? Not to mention women. I don't know who came up with that idea. Obviously i don't have any problem with people speaking languages other than english because i do it myself. But the federal government's documents and votes should all be english. There are reports out of minnesota that somali interpreters were telling somali's how to vote. So they people can't even understand english and yet they are allowed to vote in the election? this is just silly.


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i have a friend who works at a bank, and for holiday all the employees got into teams for some jolly competition. one of the teams named itself "The Gay Killers." No joke.

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