Tuesday, November 4

democralypse now

Anyone who has been following the election news closely should be aware of the recent comments that have come out from Obama (that is old comments that just recently came out.) Talks about bankrupting of coal power plants, coupled with Biden's early comments about not building any coal power plants in the US, and the democrat's general distain for coal, could push coal producing states (PA/VA/OH) to McCain. Despite some recent polls which showed McCain picking up ground, i have maintained that he has little chance of winning because he needs to hold onto basically every swing state. But if this latest flap were to put PA in his camp, then it would be a whole different ball game. If Obama wanted to lose himself the election, the surefire easiest way to do it would be to piss of coal workers/ reagan democrats in PA/VA/OH. I don't know if McCain will be able to spread these comments fast enough, or if it's not enough to sway people away from Obama, but it does seem like the democrats are giving one last push to lose the presidency.

side note, anti coal/anti nuclear i guess obama thinks he can power the country on his own sense of self-satisfaction


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