Sunday, October 15

Ummm, yeah, it's october

Yeah so thursday i wake up and look out the window, cause my bed faces the window, and i think man, it's raining again. Damnation. It had been raining like everyday, and i have ultimate frisbee practice thursdays. I was concerned that they might cancel practice because the fields were too muddy. The university doesn't want people running on muddy fields, because they get torn up. Anyway, i look out the window, and i think man it's raining really hard, it's like a freaken sheet, i see rain everywhere. So then i put on my glasses, and look and the window. And i realize, no, it's not raining, it's snowing. On october the 12. And i just sit up in bed, and say to myself "Ummm, yeah, it's october"


Blogger Aras said...

it's cold in klaipeda. we got our radiators turned on already. affixed radiators won't come on for another month until the govenment allows it.

3:40 AM  
Blogger V Krukonis said...

it's warm in georgia. man is it warm. I love warmth so much. milk was a bad choice.

10:04 PM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

I'm going to get you V. It's warmed up a little since then. Still plenty of rain though. I seem to remember it being cold, but fairly dry in the winter's here. Not very much snow. If it snows at the same rate as it's raining now, we'll be buried.

Also that sucks that your radiators aren't on yet, but i think that is standard in many apartments in the US too, the heat doesn't come on until the landlord turns it on for everyone. The landlords are required to keep apartments above some minimum temp, but i don't remember what it is.

2:48 AM  

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