Wednesday, October 18


So i saw some political commericials today, and they reminded me of the last commercial i saw from Ned Lamont's campaign. For anyone who is unaware, Ned Lamont is challenging Joseph Libierman as a connecticut senator. Libierman has been a democratic senator from ct for the past 18 years, and the vice presidential candidate along with gore, which means within a few hundred votes in florida of being vice president. As it turns out this was not enough for democrats, so they decided to run a campaign against him, and in fact beat him in the primary. He is now running as an independant.

Remember those shows where they would go on the streets ask people simple questions and film how dumb they are. Well that's what ned lamont did. He had a commercial about how dumb people in connecticut are. He went out and asked people what they knew about libierman. In the commercials most of the people asked have never heard of him, some have some vague idea that he is involved in politics, but not anything beyond that, and one actually says he's a republican right? If libierman was a first time senator, than something like this might be done to demonstrate that he had done very little during his time in the senate. but seeing as how libierman has been a senator for 18 years and within a few hundred votes of vice president, any connecticutian who doesn't know joe libierman, is quite simply an idiot. So this is Ned lamont's campaign strategy, to broadcast commercials about how ignorant the people of connecticut are, this is supposed to win him votes. I feel like that campaign could use a few northwestern graduates, to help guide them. Hell even a few highschool graduate could do wonders.


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yeah so who got elected, anyway? i don't know how anybody can for ned lemont, what's he, fuckin french?! or ned flanders?!?!

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