Wednesday, October 4


Ok. So I'm in Savannah, GA! Historic Savannah is super gorgeous, but when you get out of the small area it turns ghetto. Five people got shot last week on the same day in Savannah. It's warm though and I got a kick ass tan already, so I love it. My group of friends is awesome/crazy, so I lucked out. I got two good roommates, not that I hang out with them much outside our room, but they aren't sucky by any means. I'm taking 2-D Design, Drawing I and Survey of Western Art and my major is Interactive Game Design & Development. I told myself I'd come here to study and not to try to party, except I've partied every weekend, and this past wknd we threw a hotel party for our friend in South Carolina cuz she turned 18 (facebook photo's to follow). So far, everything is awesome with me. Also, I'm skipping my one 11-1:30 class today. And everyone here gets Friday's off. Buahaha



Anonymous Ieva said...

Hey Vyteni!!! sounds like you are having a blast!!! UM, yeah i skipped class the other day and slept instead. But then again, my school is an hour and a half away. SO anyways, i am coming to savannah to visit you, i just don't know when, but i'm gonna do it. and um, go to Oktoberfest k?

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