Friday, January 20

Okay so first off i thought i would repost koavs' comment, incase people didn't go back far enough to read it.

its kovas again in the guise of vytenis. a lot of shit has happened concerning the existence of a Neringa LJS. I should make a post concerning our new role. After much finagling, it has been decided that neringa cant be an LJS but those invovled now make up the newly created Studentu Reikalu Taryba or Student Affairs Council in the excutive branch of the LJS structure. So, if we can afford it, astovai will be at Kongressas. Personally, Im leaning towards going to just the stovykla cause 1,675 Canuck funny money or 1,430 USD is a bit too rich for my blood for the entirety of kongressas.

As for me, if i have any free time this summer, i will probably spend it in vermont, i don't expect to be able to make it to Canada at all.


Blogger darius said...

kongresas only has two 's's'

11:20 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

Well that is true, and maybe even worth noting, it doesn't address the more important question of whether you, or anyone else, will be at kongresas, and for how long this summer.

10:06 AM  

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