Thursday, January 5

Idle chatter

Yeah so time to start up more idle chatter on this blog, cause that's totally the way to be. especially now that i don't have any more classes until feb.

Idle chatter point 1, new years eve. so this was my first new years eve in LT. First we went to aido kuolo place. By we i mean me, liepa, aras, sirvydas, monty, and an american friend of mine who was visiting. Dave(american) doesn't drink but we got him to drink for the first time that night. not much 4 half shots of krup, and 1 beer, but i bet he was feeling a little something. we started drinking with the plan being to go to the katedras for midnight, and then a club afterwards. Of course what happened instead was we got drunk and lost track of time, then when we tried to leave someone got belligerent and didn't want to leave, with the result that we didn't get to the katedras until close to 12:30. just in time to see all the trash and broken bottles as people were leaving.

Then we went to a club called new orleans, i guess so we could still feel a little american, plus cause it was only 25 lits to get in, which was much less than we thought we were going to have to pay to get in. new orleans was okay, but i don't think we stayed very long, i kind of lost track of time. monty bought what appeared to be 12 shots that we all took, but by the taste i'm willing to bet they were less than 25% alcohol, some sort of mixed drinks in shot glasses, not actual shots. Before we managed to leave monty started falling asleep at the table, and security wanted to kick him out. we got them to let him stay, and he paid them back by throwing up all over the place. go monty, if you're not throwing up, that means you're not trying hard enough.(for all you underage people out there, this is intended as a joke, i do not endorse excessive drinking.) for everyone else whoooooo. maybe monty didn't fill the dance floor with vomit, i didn't see him throw up, but he came out of the club with vomit all down his shirt.

then we took a cab with like 7 people in it back to our place, but the girls who came back with us left after like a half hour. why would someone get into a cab with 7 people and ride a half hour just to leave almost immediately upon reaching your destination? i don't know, but that's what happened. either that, or they in fact stayed much longer and in my addled state it seemed shorter to me.


Blogger Aras said...

yeah good times, that's what i'm talking about.

katedra still had a decen't amount of people when we got there, though many had already left.

we left the club sooner than would be normal but i think were there for at least an hour and a half. you forgot to mention the girls writing on monty's back!

those girls who left so fast were crazy.

6:28 AM  
Blogger V Krukonis said...

Sounds like a pretty wild time as usual. And sounds like stupid Monty as usual. Man if I was there he would gotten so much abuse. I can't wait to talk to him and just make fun of him

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Monty said...

OK... New Years was amazing regardless the outcome. Whats better than coming home blackout drunk with throw up on your clothes to your uncle's apartment you see once every two years (All unknowing until the next morning ofcourse)?

This is not an excuse, but the prevous night I had gone out, came home very late, and surely quite intoxicated. That day I had to wake up early and tour the city, but, it was New Years so I had to go out, and go out hard I did.

Suktinys, which is a potent Lithuanian drink, did me in, as well as the cocktails, and especially the Champagne on the way to Katedra and the Club. From there it was 15 minutes in the club, and then the blackout session began.

The girls writing on me surely explains the "Happy New Year" (In Lithuanian) writen barely above my ass, which I saw when I attempted to wake up and take a shower at 3pm the next day.

O Lietuva!!!

12:28 AM  
Blogger liepa said...

monty, you are my hero.

12:19 PM  

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