Wednesday, January 18

Where did all this freaken feces come from?

So i was watching the 6th season the simpsons, which i got for christmas, and the commentaries. recall if you will the episode where they go to Australia, and bart releases the bull frog, which then basically takes over the country because it has not natural predators. Apparently this is based on a true story, which is when they imported cows to Australia. They didn't take into account that cows shit...a lot. There was no natural way to deal with all the shit, so it just started piling up. Eventually they imported millions of dung beatles to deal with the problem. Either that or else the simpsons writers were yanking my chain which is entirely possible, but i prefer this version of the story so i'm not going to question whether or not it really happened, i'll just keep laughing in my ignorance. Also it reminded me of the only funny moment of dumb and dumberer, when the father starts yelling, "theres shit everywhere." and goes beserk after somebody smeared melted chocolate all over the bathroom.


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