Thursday, January 5

Comb over

So i got a hair cut today, drastically cutting back the hair on the top of my head. and by drastically, i mean marginally. but i figure i can make up for cutting some of the hair off the top my head, by growing out my beard again. thoughts feelings? does that seem to make sense, or maybe i should accompany my haircut by hair style changes on other parts of my body. maybe i should have kept the hair they cut of my head, and super glued it to me feet, i bet girls would dig that. super hairy feet. i wonder if i would have to shampoo my feet if i did that, can anyone with super hairy feet enlighten me about whether or not you have to shampoo them? Also i think at neringa this summer we should all show up with super long beards. like we should all grow them out for 3 months, unless people have to look nice for work or something, but otherwise long beards all the way around, and then we'll get drunk and shave various obscene things into our faces.


Blogger Aras said...

you should shave Jimmy Carter's wife, Rosalynn, taking a shit into your beard.

6:36 AM  
Blogger liepa said...

how come none of the guys i date can grow beards?

i just want to meet a MANNNNNNN for once

12:23 PM  

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