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Ziemos Stovykla 05'

Labas Labas, Zydams Shabbas,

I would like to reintroduce myself. I AM NOT VYTENIS. I AM KOVAS. As an avid viewer of kaipsuprast, I have noticed a drop in posts and would like to reverse this turn of events. I was mainly prompted to post due to Lokio post concerning the lack of Post-Ziemos chatter.

Ziemos: Dec 27th-Jan 1st
So the night before the official start of stovykla, Gintas, Darius, Aistis, and I went to go see Matisyahu in killington. I thought it would be a good time and a good way to start stovykla so i invited all those who were of age, considering it was an 18 and over show, yet only the intrepid 4 drove up to see Matisyahu. For those unaquatainted, Matisyahu is a Hassidic Jew who drops mad fat rhyms mixed with reggea and beatboxes with the skill and grace that one would not easily associate with a skinny hassidic jew from brooklyn. Needless to say we had a great time although, Gintas drove with the window open(mind you it was around 2 am in Killington Vermont in December) the entire time. We returned to Neringa where Simas, Jenn, Amber, Julius, and Lindsey spent their idle time watching aiscio copious dvds. Naturally, when we arrived, we all got piss drunk.

The week was was sprinkled with activities that were an easy and relaxing compliment to hanging out in the sale. Some activities included having a workshop on "stewardship in neringa" with Vida, discussing our current status in the LJS structure and our future goals and projects, skiing/snowboard (of which i partook but found the mountain to have piss poor conditions), and watching a dvd from lietuva entitled "nacionaliniai pirslybu ypatumai" which was hilarious and surprisingly catchy. The dvd had musical performances mocking hopeful suitors from different parts of the world. For example rusai were lampooned as being alcoholics in such lyrics as "skani degtine pavasari, kai musu zeme ?abvare?, ir greitai visos panios grazios bus". The suitors competing for the lietuvates hand in marriage included arabs, cigonai, pacific islanders, scots, suomai, rusai, zydai, eskimos, greeks, germans, and lietuvai. Although, it did strike me as odd that representing lietuviai was marijonas mikutavicius and he sang "ai, tie geijiai". Anyhoot, the movie was amazing and we also watched 40 yearold virgin with my mom, p. jonas b., his girlfriend, and p. jonas kunca. Tai buvo idomu.

Other activities included making krupnikas. As the krupnikas was simmering, Gintas told me to smell it for it was smelling like zaftigly legit krupnikas. i stuck my face in the big pot and burned my sinuses from the gallon of heated everclear mixed into it. Gaja called me a drama queen but changed her tune quickly when she took a good whiff of it and when my nose started to bleed profusely. The krupnikas was mightly tasty when it was finished. We also had our traditional bowling trip and scavenger hunt which was very interesting and different from last ziemos. One question was "why didnt native americans inhabit brattleboro? hint: talk to lucy at the record store", "answer: because native americans thought that the way the wind blew in brattleboro would make anyone that settled there go insane". Unfortunatly, we didnt have time to perform at the moles eye cafe open mic due to lack of practice time and the fact that only Darius, Jonas, and I were going to perform for 20 minutes.

Thats it for now, Ill put a follow up post with other additions more befitting entry in the Neringa Tome of Ribaldry.



Blogger Trashcan said...

Thanks for the update kovai. Sounds like winter neringa was a success again. Glad to to hear you guys got piss drunk, i assume that means someone got drunk enough that they accidently drank urine which they had mistaken for beer? who done it?

Oddly enough i think that the scavenger hunt last year might be the memory of winter neringa that will stay with me the longest, when i found that liscense plate from alaska, i think i'll be telling that story to people for 50 years. The drunken hiliarity was of course hilarious, but that happens at every neringa/svente/whenever there are more than 2 of us in 1 place

1:22 PM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

on a slightly related note, does anyone know yet whether they are going to neringa this summer/hoping to go to neringa this sumemr.

1:23 PM  
Blogger V Krukonis said...

i, kovas, will be there. the information regarding the dates can be found on neringa.org. although, it is going be early in the summer so it probably wont be accomadating to those people with trimester scheduals.

2:39 PM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

probably also not conducive to people studying in LT, because they have a whole month for exams here. But the biggest hurdle for me, and probably some other people, will be if i get an internship, cause although i don't want to grow up, and i want to be a toys'R'us kid eventually i gotta get a job that looks better on my resume than camp counselor.

7:02 PM  
Blogger liepa said...

krupnikas is my fave. we should have a krupnikas making festival, and we can each make our own batch with personal alterations... and then taste them allllll...

also, is neringa sending atstovai to kongresas in toronto this summer? woooooo canada?

12:36 PM  
Blogger V Krukonis said...

its kovas again in the guise of vytenis. a lot of shit has happened concerning the existence of a Neringa LJS. I should make a post concerning our new role. After much finagling, it has been decided that neringa cant be an LJS but those invovled now make up the newly created Studentu Reikalu Taryba or Student Affairs Council in the excutive branch of the LJS structure. So, if we can afford it, astovai will be at Kongressas. Personally, Im leaning towards going to just the stovykla cause 1,675 Canuck funny money or 1,430 USD is a bit too rich for my blood for the entirety of kongressas.

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Winter neringa was a blast for all involved, and Im gonna try damn hard to be a vadovas, event hough ill most likely clean toilets again...... -Sim

1:36 PM  

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