Thursday, January 5


more idle chatter
so a couple of days ago we went to riga, me liepa and my american friend. not much worthwhile. the most noteworthy thing was how freaken expensive everything was. They trick you into thinking it's not much because 1 latvian lat is equivalent to 5 lits. so you but lunch and leave thinking it was only 2 lats, but then you realize it was 10 lits. and then you think man, penis, that food was totally non delicious and i just paid 10 lits for it. i could have gotten some potato pancakes with meat and spriguciai on top at chile kaimas for less than that. man i need to start eating at chile kaimas more, cause it's totally awesome.

also you know what i don't recommend getting on a bus from riga at 10:30 at night and getting back at 5 in the morning. clearly the right thing to do what have been to stay in riga and drink until 3, and take a bus back at 3 that would have gotten in at 7, but liepa and dave didn't want to stay and drink until 3, and i didn't argue cause i wasn't sure/am still not sure if i'm in lithuania legally, so i thought maybe it owuldn't be the ebst thing to get super drunk before going through customs. anyway, i successfully snuck back into the country, and i'm not sure where that leaves me now, but hopefully that means i'm allowed to be here for another 3 months


Blogger Aras said...

sounds like liepa and dave and even you are retarded. how the hell could you possibly do that? 5 free hours + 4 on a bus VS. 9 hours on a bus? how stupid can you be? unbelievable. did you even go to any bars at all before leaving?

6:32 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

first of all, yes it was retarted. Second in case you have forgotten how a clock works, 10:30 to 5 is not 9 hours, but rather 6 and a half. and thirdly no we didn't go to any bars, because neither liepa nor dave wanted to, and as it turned out, for some reason liepa didn't bring anything other than her boots, so we probably couldn't have gone to a club anyway.

Hopefully we'll go to riga again in the spring with erasmus students and it will be more fun

1:10 PM  
Blogger Dave Stira said...

You neglect to mention how many things were closed for what seemed to be no particular reason.

11:49 PM  
Anonymous aras said...

Well, maybe your clock works that way...gimme a heads up re any sort of Rifa trips, by which i mean Riga trips. If it's on a weekend I might make the trek too, if I can find anybody in Klaipeda to accompany me.

2:53 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

things were closed, if they were closed, cause it was january second, which is still a holiday, but i think it's also quite probable that they just like dimly lit places in riga for some reason.

i'm sure the erasmus students will go to riga at least once, and i'll let you know when arai.

6:14 PM  
Blogger liepa said...

ok, i was totally for the idea of staying till 3 am and barhopping, until dave made it clear that he was not, and he was our guest for like 5 days, so c'mon, i wanted to do what he wanted to do.

and yes, i didn't think about a change of shoes.

and yes, we are definitely going back! we still have all those lat coins they won't fricken exchange at the bank.

12:22 PM  

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