Friday, January 20

Frozen feces

So it was 27 below 0 yesterday, or 18 below for all you funkilicious people living in the states. Anyway, it was so cold that as i was walking down the street, i diareahed into my pants, and it froze before it hit my underwear. So then i was walking around with feces frozen to my hole. I wanted more to come out, but it couldn't because it was totally blocked.

Okay so that didn't really happen, but i did really mention to liepa as we were walking down the street that it would be funny if that happened. She didn't seem quite as amused by the concept as i was. Liepa claimed that she froze her eyeballs, and we walked into a store or shop after every 10 minutes to make sure we didn't accidentally die (or freeze feces to ourselves.)


Blogger liepa said...

it's true, lately, whenever i come inside, i notice that my eyelashes have bits of ice in them... i really need to start wearing goggles all the time.

11:33 AM  
Blogger Aras said...

i thought about wearing goggles too. and i get icicles on my whiskers.

also, when i read the first sentence of this post i laughed the hardest ever!

6:13 AM  

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