Sunday, October 9

Neringa 2k5

Ok, so we're a little late on posting about how awesome Neringa was this year. Well, the staff at Kaip Suprast has been busy lately, so sucks for you. That being said, Neringa was awesome. You're probably wondering "How awesome was it, Vyteni?" The following is a quick synopsis of the events that happened in 5 weeks. WARNING: The following content contains offensive language. drug references and cartoon nudity. May not be suitable for children under 16. (Everything is spelled the way it was on our note board.)

-Aš reikia pinigus!
-Titties titties bounce!
-Password = Tacos
-Vytenis/Gintas grįžo 12:30
-Gintas/Vytenis atsisedo 3:50
-Aš ----> 8:W0 (Editors note: Who wrote this and wtf is it!?)
-Lime w/ coke confused w/ line of coke
-8:50 - Vytenis, Gaja, Nyka, Kristina, Grazina still asleep - missing out on snausages and omlettes - what a shame!
-Ohh biker!... I'm an idiot
-Bus Krušal
-9:33 seks rankdarbiai
-There's a lifeguard b/c there's a hurricane in it you're going to drown 10:0P (Gintai, revision?)
-She just ate dirt
-Seks rankdarbiai
-Titty squirrels!
-Boobs & a heartbeat, Aistis is there (Editors note: Hahaha!!!!)
-How could 11tas win the šluota when they are so dirty? (Editors note: Hahaha)
-What the fuck!? I'm gonna kill you motherfucker! (Editors note: Vytenio favorite quote courtesy of Lokys. See end of post)
-I just reached into Vytenio crotch to grab some peanuts
-But I don't wanna be Picard!
-Aistis + Joana = GROSS COUCH
-They're all whores
-Huh? -Q
-Move it to the other side of the car =)
-There's a kid here named Steven?
-Palauk! Reikia salami užbeigt!
-ŠIKT IR ŠOKT -Alvydo pamoką
-Pridariai, pušikai- laid one egg, kaip sakai
-I want ice cream... no sprinkles... for every sprinkle I find I shall KILL YOU!!! -The Great One
-That kid looks like he's stuck in the 70's
-Close the door - I'm trying to sleep
-She has boobs????
-"I would never go down that road... EVER"
-It looks like a broken TV screen
-I'm black at heart
-What- I love black people?
-Is he suppose to rape him?
-Aš noriu tavo tešla paminkint
-Why is she eating his face?
-Alcohol and music...
-Jautienos Valgytojes
-If I was a girl, I'd definately be the biggest whore
-Atrodai kad tu esi gay
-Hey Frodo, why don't you ever wear sandals?
-Tu ne "girtas", tu "super girtas"
-Tu ne prisisėdi, blet, as tau pamyšiu į smegenys
-"Neringa is so much fun." Wait.. the girl?
-Is this dėž? It smells like period
-The rice is always the same
Yeah, but it is consistent
-Do it... you won't do it... do it... c'mon do it
-Simai you smell like clean
-Have a nice morning sucker!
-So- what kind of drugs do you want?
-Simas is wearing a pimp hat... He knows how to wear a pimp hat
-If this is poison, then your mom is a whore!
-The girl in 11tas with the itchy crotch --> Why do you think they itch (Pointing at Simas)
-Can you imagine Darius and Alvydas at my birthday party?
-Also, I'm having the best dream but I forgot... something crazy
-Birds can fly into a tree so lets cut down all the trees
-Lokys' dream
-Einu žurėti Norberto mėsa, gal jau dega
-Don't worry man... don't think so much
-I hope the orange juice and meat don't mix to form EVIL
-Hey... you could take her to the movies!
-Simai... there's a bat in here
-Sirvydas- "Gintai tu mano draugas"
Gintas- "O aš tavo. I mean, tu mano"
-Gintas- "Kur eini?"
Austė- "Aš turiu ištuštinti save vagina!"
-Why can't we eat the same meat?
-Lokys- "I just pulled out like five eyelids. Who wants to make a wish??"
Simas- "I'll make a wish- Trečia savaite. If it doesn't happen, your eyeglasses are worthless and I get to shave your whole face"
-It tastes like chemicals
-If this is what piss tastes like I want some!
-I'm hairy like a peach!
-It's good for the soul... it's like Campbell's soup
-What are you baking w/ your mouth? A penis?
-My heart hurts
-Liepa, drop some wisdom
-Čia tai gabalas!
-I think you guys are made of god
-Bring some popsicles and shit... please?
-Mano namelyje gyvena menininkai
-Seselė Seselė
*Last line unclear, Gintai, can you make it out?*

The thing about my favorite quote is that me and Lokys were sitting in the valgykla reading books about Lugan history for our Kaip Suprast klase. It was about how at the turn of the century the nobles in Lietuva were speaking more polish, while the farmers were speaking Lugan. So its basically me and him in the valgykla, real quiet, and I ask a question about the polish speaking thing and we start having a serious discussion about it, and he explains "...So when the nobles found out the Russians didn't want them to speak any Lugan they were like..." then he gets all Lokys like and yells "..What the fuck!? I'm gonna kill you motherfucker!"


Blogger Aras said...

That's awesome, except for emptying vaginas. vagina's ought to remein full...

an how do you remember all that stuff? is that like from a scroll of paper or something, cause that's clever whoever thought of using a scroll instead of a white board.

9:02 AM  
Blogger stirbys said...

I(gintas) had cleaned the dirbtuve, and realized that it would be an amazing idea if I nailed up a pad of that in the wee hours of the night, when everything is hilarious- we wouldnt forget anything.

2:32 PM  
Blogger Ruprecht said...

nice move I(gintas), but was ist "dirbtuve"?

9:54 AM  
Anonymous grazina said...

aw fuck i miss you guys hahaha

2:07 AM  
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