Thursday, August 18

there's only one sure way to make him realize how much he loves you. And that is a phony kidnapping.

Jon steward wonders why nobody is paying attention to Ron Paul. While this clip is funny, and i wish ron paul had a chance, the fact of the matter is, he doesn't. To some extent it's a self fulfilling prophesy. Media decides he has no shot so they don't bother to cover him, nobody here's anything about him, they don't know anything about him, so they don't vote for him, hence justifying the media for ignoring him. And maybe that's true, but he's got plenty of other things that make him unelectable. For one he's just too old, nobody is going to elect a 75 year old. Also while libertarianism is a growing brand right now, i just don't think his libertarian views could possibly pull enough in the primaries where religious voters won't back him. Unfortunately religious voters make up such a big segment of the republican population that you have to kowtow to them in the primaries even if it might hurt in the general election.


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