Tuesday, June 21

It's funny. Their clothes are different from my clothes.


I haven't read this whole article yet, (it's 5 pages so be aware before you get started.) It's about the problems the Euro is facing, and the problems European unity in general is facing with the collapse of the Euro. Seems kind of like the idea was a group of friends wanted to go into business together because they thought it would bring them all closer together, and it worked for a while. But then it turns out a couple of the friends have been misusing company funds, and/or creating all kinds of shit where ever they go. And now if they can't get it all together the business is going to split up, and they will all end up worse off friendship wise than ever. It will be interesting to see what LT does is the Euro is disbanded. Will they tie their currency to the dollar again, or tie it to some stable european currency like the mark or the pound, or just let it float freely? It might be good for them if the litas depreciated a little because it was tied to the dollar while the dollar was going up, and then they decoupled and attached to the euro just before it started going up with the result that the currency has appreciated quite a bit.


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