Tuesday, March 15

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All cultures are not created equal. In modern academia it has been decided that all cultures are different and unique and beautiful, and it is wrong for people from 1 culture to criticize another culture just because it's different. That's idiotic. If racists in the southern US started celebrating and handing out candy because a black family had been murdered, including a baby, everyone would naturally condemn them as being ignorant racist psychopaths. But because it's some palestinians it's okay? No, it's not. There is something wrong with modern muslim society, that is i guess that it is not modern. They are still morally living in the dark ages. So i need to be clear here this isn't a problem solely associated with muslim societies, many of the current problems with muslim societies could also have been found in christian societies through various time periods, but we now recognize that what christians did back then was wrong. I'm sure you could have found people in nazi germany who would have celebrated jewish babies being murdered, but we don't excuse them because they had a different culture, we condemn them. The second article if possible is even worse. And i would like to use another comparison, but nazi germany is really the most legitimate comparison. It boggles the mind that people could treat each other this way, to beat a 14 year old girl to death because her 40 year old cousin raped? (it's not clear if the rape was forcible, or statutory, but either way.) It ranks right next to think how Germans could treat the jews, or now that i think of it how american slave owners might have treated their slaves. But once again modern academics condemn and we as nations are ashamed of what happened in our past, people should be condemning muslims countries for their barbarisms, taking a pass with some notion of the beauty of all cultures.


Blogger Aras said...

Jeez, I wish you would avoid such gruesome articles. I enjoy this blog for a laugh and to pass time in a way that is interesting, not nauseating. Yuck. Maybe you could put a disclaimer before such topics?

8:53 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

agreed, i also wish i hadn't read it, but it was so terrible it seemed like something people should be aware of.

1:51 AM  

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