Tuesday, March 15

Nonviolence never solved anything!


No real surprise here. Nobody ever took the chris mathews of the world seriously when they decried violence. The left loves violence, it's their go to move. What they don't like is the tea party so they wanted to take the opportunity to try and smear the tea party. Since then we've got democrat assembly men in wisonsin telling a rublican colleague that she's dead. Democrat congressmen calling on unions to go out into the streets and get bloody. Union members comparing Walker to hitler/putting crosshairs over a picture of him. Serious death threats made to members of wisconsin's senate, and now a national liberal publication call walker a dead man. And where are all the leftist pundits to decry violence in political rhetoric now. Where is Obama to tell people they need to tone down their violent imagery or to denounce violence. They've moved on to new and exciting talking points. Violence got old as soon as they could no longer claim the tea party was violent.


Blogger Aras said...

Boooooooooooo, liberals!

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