Saturday, January 15

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4 pounds of grease that comes to 63 cents.
Dad all that bacon cost $27.
Yeah, but your mom paid for that.
But doesn't she get her money from you?
And i get my money from grease. What's the problem?

Well this is certainly encouraging news. We live in a country of Homer simpsons. No wonder that show is so popular. So 77% of people want only to cut taxes to reduce the deficit, but only 38% could name a single program with cutting. Nobody seems to realize how bad this deficit is. When given options for spending only 4 options win a majority. You could cut all those options, including military spending, to 0 and there will still be a deficit. The only possible way to avoid federal government bankruptcy is to cut social security, and/or medicare. Everyone who knows anything about the federal budget knows that you have to cut social security, and/or medicare, but nobody is willing to do it. 41% think the government can be cut without affecting them. Really? The only way the government cut be could without affecting you is if you plan on dying before the age of 65 and never collecting a social security check or medicare payment. Last year the government collect 2.1 trillions dollars and spent 3.5 trillion. That means that in order to be in line government spending needs to be cut by 40%. In fact social security, medicare/medicaid, and military costs were just over 2.1 trillion. So if we were willing to completely eliminate all government functions other than those three we could keep going. Otherwise it's time to be serious about cutting. The best thing to do would be an across the board cut, no questions asked. That way nobody could weasel their way out of it. 10% of all spending cut. That means social security checks, government employee salaries, everything. Then cut the federal workforce by 10%. And finally make unions of federal employees illegal/end pensions for government employees. From now on the 401K plans just like everybody else. That wouldn't eliminate the deficit immediately, but it would put the government on far more stable footing, and we would start moving towards smaller deficits instead of larger.

Instead there will be no cuts except for minor symbolic cuts like congressmen spending 35 million less on their own offices. That sounds nice in press releases, congressmen spending less on themselves, but it is .0025 of 1% of the deficit. It would be like if i made a salary of 80,000 but was spending 120,000 a year. I thought i need to cut back. So i'll spend $1 less a year on candy. That's what their cut comes out to. Yeah maybe it helps to cut that $1 but when you are 40,000 in the hole nobody is going to take you seriously as trying to cut your spending when you're talking about 1 dollar.


Blogger Aras said...

Cut everything besides police, military, fire departments, and local roads by 90% instead of ten and you'll reduce your deficit big time.

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