Thursday, January 21

bake em away toys.

well this seems like a good idea. The point of affirmative action is that there are plenty of qualified african americans who don't get a reasonable shot. If there is something wrong with the test, that discriminates against african americans then re-write the test. But that's not an option because it's not about making sure african americans have a fair shot, it's about making sure we have enough african americans. Northwestern is having a similar problem because smart african americans are so highly coveted, that the vast majority who could make it at northwestern, are already snapped up by harvard/yale/etc. This makes northwestern evil and racist. Never mind that like a quarter of northwestern is asian, they don't count. we've got to have plenty every race/sex in every profession, or else it's racist/sexist.


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人生的「三部曲」應該是無愧的昨天,充實的今天,與充滿希望的明天。 ....................................................

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Blogger Aras said...

That's just hilarious! So now Chicago has no requirements for cops, just, I assume, you can't be too fat to fit in a uniform?? Can't wait to see the consequences.

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