Thursday, October 1

You mean he wins? jesus grandpa, what di you read me this thing for

So Hollywood's elite has started a petition saying they think roman polanski should be free. Possibly even worse, whoopi goldberg came out and said "I know it wasn't rape-rape. I think it was something else, but I don't believe it was rape-rape." where am i living right now? what kind of a world is this. Just to be clear polanksi was a middle aged man, who invited a 13 year old girl over to take modeling pictures of her. He took naked photos of her (already a crime) than gave her champagne (another crime) then gave her a quaalude (another crime) and then had sex with her (another crime) and she claims the sex was not consensual which makes it essentially unspeakably evil (he claims it was consensual, but otherwise doesn't dispute the account.) Of course consent is not an issue because it's statutory rape in any case. In what universe is that not rape-rape. If all these hollywood elites want to sign a petition saying that they don't think statutory rape should be a crime, then they should do that. At least that would be a legitimate statement of political belief. but they don't believe that, they think statutory rape shouldn't be a crime if one of their friends does it. This is no different than the friends of murderer signing a petition that they think he should be let free. This case is not even questionably, it's not like and 18 year old with a 15 year old or anything near that, it's a middle aged man who got a 13 year drunk and then had sex with. For this he spent a month and half in jail, before fleeing the country, and his supporters feel like he has already done his time.

I don't remember the exact details but i read about some highschool football player a few years ago who was 18 and a video tape surfaced of a 16 year old girl giving him oral sex. (i don't remember the exact details but along those lines) this was determined statutory rape, and for this he was sentenced to 15 years in jail, or somehting along those lines. If you want to get bent out of shape over statutory rape laws, sign petition to free people like this. People who have been caught up in a system intended to protect children from the roman polanksis of the world, but sometimes ensnare the wrong people. (my understanding is that in some states anyone below age 18 or 17 cannot give consent even to have sex with someone of the same age, so if 2 16 year olds have sex, they have both raped each other, and could both be imprisoned for rape.)

I wonder what all of these hollywood elites have to say about polygamist communities where young girls are married off to older men. I guarantee if they found out about a 13 year old girl being married to a middle aged man nobody would come out saying it isn't rape rape. They wouldn't be out signing petitions saying the polygamists shouldn't be prosecuted. Polanski has already won, having gotten to live out basically his entire life, but if justice exists for the wealthy and famous (we see repeatedly that it does not) he will never spend another day as a free man, and maybe in jail he'll gain some perspective and understanding about what that girl was feeling as he sodomized her (shawshank style.)


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