Tuesday, November 25

instead of chewing gum, chew bacon


This is just another case where if the results are what we want then they are important and everyone must take notice, but if they aren't then the study is inconclusive. This particular study was on the intake of sugar by high school kids in high schools where sugary drinks were banned, and those where they weren't. The study finds that kids in both schools lowered their sugar intake. Just like every single large scale study on health/food intake they failed to reach the conclusion they desired. All clinical studies that i'm aware from whether or not fiber helps prevent colon cancer to fat and breast cancer have failed to prove what we are constantly told about food. We are told all the time that certain things are healthy, and others aren't and if you feed kids this at school and make them exercise this much, then they will be healthier. Every single large scale clinical trial has failed to demonstrate anything. You can bet if this study had demonstrated significantly lower sugar intake by the kids at the schools without sugary drinks they would be making a big deal about it. Here's another article about new research into the pointlessness of taking vitamins



Blogger Aras said...

last night when my special lady asked me what i was chewing on; i remembered this post and said "BACON!"

4:19 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

stira sent me this link. I havne't tried it yet, but It seems like a winner.


10:12 PM  

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