Tuesday, October 11

what did you say?

So here is my comment on the post with all the quotes from neringa, but it's long enough that i figured i should put it up as it's own quote instead of as a comment.

Okay so first off, that is totally hilarious, but second off, i feel like some of the best quotes warrant an explanation to make them fully funny

As reikia pinigus was a quote from one of the stovyklautojiai during his play 2 years ago, and when we laughed at him he was like what is it supposed to be as reikia pinigu? so then we also used that in our play to be funny.

How could 11tas win the slouta when they are so very dirty is my favorite quote i think. Cause they won the slouta for being the cleanest namelis the same day they wrote a story for a pamoka with me and vytenis, and said story was fully of sexual deviancy involving people ranging from me and vytenis to aldona.

I just reached into vytenio crotch to grab some peanuts i believe was also me, cause there was a huge bag of peanuts that everyone was eating. anyway it was hilarious.

close the door i'm trying to sleep was also hilarious. i don't remember exactly what happened, either vytenis or gintas were sleeping my bed, and when i went in to take a nap, they asked me to leave and close the door cause they were trying to sleep. at which point i got into my bed with said person, and homoeroticism resulted.

nosegame was also hilarious, because vytenis had written it going downwards with big spaces between the letters and i read it as a lithuanian word, and was like nosegame, what the hell is that.

also my dream was totally awesome and crazy but i don't remember most of it now. The most important parts are that i woke up in some strange place, and i thought i must be in somebody elses house, and then i looked down at my hand and my thumb was missing, and i thought i must be dreaming, but then i looked in the fridge and it was full of smoked bacon, and i realized that it must be real because otherwise my fridge wouldn't be full of smoked bacon. then when i looked at my hand my thumb was back, and i realized i wasn't dreaming i had just been really tired, but then i switched to a different version of myself that was out partying, and eventually the 2 version intersected, like in back to the future, and i woke up, cause the universe in the form of my dream collapsed on itself.

when someone told simas there was a bat in the dirbtuve, he was at that same moment holding a baseball bat from the dirbtuve, and responds, i know, it's in my hands, and they are like no, there's a bad in the dirbtuve, to which simas again responds i know, i'm holding it. soon they managed to convinvce simas that there was also a living bat in the dirbtuve in addition tot he one he was holding in his hands

The rest are either self explanatory, not as funny, or i'm not familiar with.


Blogger V Krukonis said...

The peanut one was Dainius Kerikas reaching into my crotch to grab my peanuts... because that's where I placed them.

Also, it was me who was sleeping in your bed, not Gintas.

12:27 AM  
Blogger Aras said...

nosegame is the best, except for your dream. you should start keeping a dream log. it's not easy, but if you get into the habit you'll remember more and more each morning, and won't forget things. and rereading it later is fuckin highlarious!

3:49 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

It would be a good idea to keep a dream log, but i remember my dreams so infrequently it is pointless. I only rememeber my dreams 2 or 3 times a year. And although it's possible that i would start remembering more, if i could succesfully start, it would be too hard to get started

9:52 AM  
Blogger Aras said...

jeez, what a pessist you are. i suppose i've noticed it before.

all you gotta do is put a pad and pen next to your bed. if you remember anything, one word even, you write it down, if you don't, you haven't lost anything.

it's not like rocket science or anything.

6:07 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

wait it's not rocket science? i thought you said when i woke up first i had to launch a rocket into the sun, and then write down all my memories before it exploded.

5:52 PM  
Blogger Aras said...

i didn't say "it's not rocket science"

i said "it's not 'like' rocket science"

3:34 AM  

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