Thursday, September 22

Sir, there's an unruly mob here to see you. Does it have an appointment? Yes, it does.

Is this the future of human ingenuity. I've been reading more and more about things like this. Instead of single scientist who may be very smart, working alone and getting stuck trying to solve a problem, unleash the power of millions of people all bouncing crazy ideas around until one of them falls into place. It seems like it could be the wave of the future, there's only 1 real question, who gets credit for the solutions created. Are solutions that are created patentable? What if a cure for aids was created in such a way, who gets the right to produce the drug, or does nobody get it, and the information is free for anyone to use? It seems like the creators of the game who figured out a way to involve a bunch of different people deserve the most credit. Ultimately money will decide the future of crowd surfing in this way. In the meantime, congrats on the work and score 1 for mob science.


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