Wednesday, June 8

That's not a job, it's a waste of time. What can poor people pay you? Nothing! What satisfaction you get from helping them? None!

Who wants to help poor people anyway? Nobody!,0,7226362.story

It's clear that these people were intentionally breaking the law, after that law was upheld in court. So i can't exactly blame the cops for arresting them. But why is there a law against feeding people. Who does this law help. Whose going around saying, "you know what's wrong with society. All these people going around feeding the homeless. We need to put a stop to that." This is just stupid. Why do we have these laws preventing consenting adults from interacting with each other. I realize you need to have laws against giving away bad food. If for example some people put exlax in some food and then fed it homeless people because they thought it was a funny joke, i could see that as being a problem. But assuming there are no complaints about the food, who is being hurt? Any activity that doesn't hurt anybody should not be illegal.


Blogger Aras said...

Maybe they want the homeless people to die.

More likely, or at lease more admittable, is that Orlando is a tourist city. The last thing a tourist city needs to encourage visitors is a gathering of bums in parks! If I were the mayor of a city with a bum problem I too would look for ways of keeping them out of sight. I bet any public gathering that size requires a permit, in fact.

4:42 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

I guess i could understand the towns objections, if it's driving away tourists, but that's still not sufficient reason for it to be illegal. If it's that big a problem for the city, then they should direct them to a more convenient place to feed the homeless that isn't in the way of the tourists. And while you are right that all sorts of things probably require permits, I'm not likely to think many if any of those things are legitimate either. It has become the governments position to try to hinder and obstruct everything a citizen wants to try to do, instead of assisting or just staying out of the way, which is what would be ideal.

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