Sunday, January 30

Boy for sale. Boy for sale.

This aught to be illegal. The NCAA likes to pretend that it's all about academics, and student athletes. If it was really about students, then this kind of behavior would be never be sanctioned. Obama likes to talk about protecting the little guy, most of those seniors that he's so worried about are flush with money, meanwhile these kids are being used basically as slaves. Not only are they not allowed to take money from the university, or university boosters, they can't accept money from anyone. If i as a sports agent think this kid has a future, i'll bet on him by paying him 10,000 bucks and then if he's drafted i'll get 5% of his million dollar signing bonus who does that hurt? Nobody. It's not taking university money from other students, it's not even contorting the what schools athletes go to because the process could take place at any school. The only person who is risking anything is the agent, who will not get his money back if the player get's hurt, or doesn't live up to expectations. Meanwhile college coaches are making 5 million dollars a year. It's not about money, it's about student athletes, but coaches make more than any other college employee. And then the coaches, who are under pressure to win because it brings in more money, promise scholarships to kids and then can't deliver. Schools should liable for this, with a pay out of 100,000 to each kid they mistreat. Hell even if they did have to pay each kid 100,000 it probably wouldn't mean anything to them, big time football programs bring in 10s of millions of dollars a year, they can afford to make good on their promises. Of course even worse than kids who were promised a scholarship and then didn't get one are kids who had one and then lost it because a hot new recruit came up and the coach doesn't want the old player anymore. 25 players per year, but only 85 total. with a redshirt 25 per year means 125 players could be on a team at a time. Now many players don't redshirt, and some leave early, but even so these colleges are going to end up cutting kids off the team, which means taking away their scholarships, just so the coach can go recruit some other player. If a kid flunks out of school, or stops coming to practices, that's one thing. But a coach shouldn't have the ability to discontinue a kids scholarship because he didn't turn out to be as good as you thought he would be. If a kid has performed academically and continues to participate in practice, his scholarship should be guaranteed. If the coach wants to cut him from the team that would be okay, as long as the university honors his scholarship. But not only would a university not honor it, it's not clear to me that a university isn't explicitly prohibited from honoring it by the NCAA. The NCAA which claims to be looking out for students welfare, but is really only trying to make money of the backs of athletes while treating them like slaves.


Blogger Aras said...

Athletic scholarships should be based on effort, not achievements? Why's that?

7:26 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

Because they refuse to pay players. The NCAA refuses to pay players under the theory that they are STUDENT athletes. They always emphasize students. There was a study about a basketball play who played for st john's and they concluded that that player had earned the school something like 5 million dollars in increased revenue from ticket sales/tv contracts/whatver. So what does he get out of that? i 25,000 dollar scholarship. If you want to actual allow the players to be paid what they are worth, then i'm okay with not paying them when they are no longer productive. But if you are going to claim they are students and put a ceiling on what they can earn, then there should be a floor and they should be allowed to keep their scholarship as long as they are still students.

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