Sunday, January 23

Oh, pardon me Santos, if that is your real name, Bart Simpson, but your phoney credit card is no good here.

This is of course the classic problem with government regulations. It isn't that they aren't well meaning. (That may be a problem, but it is a problem that could be overcome.) The problem is that the regulations rarely have the effect that politicians plan on. I know let's get more money from the rich by taxing yachts. Result kill the yacht industry in the US get less tax revenue, and have fewer jobs. Mission accomplished. Besides the fact that the government should have no business telling people who they can and can't lend money to (if consenting adults agree to lend/borrow money from each other, it is no business of the governments on what terms they do it) the problem as pointed out in the article is that it is in fact very very difficult to legislate what you want to happen in real life. Hence it is best to simply leave it up to parents to teach their kids not to be idiots, and stop trying to regulate people's entire lives.


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