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That would be a great plan of action. No better way to permately turn americans against you than to murder the creators of south park for no reason. In no way that any person could ever take seriously have they ever mock the prohet muhammad. They had him as one of their super best friends (along with jesus/buddah/moses/john smith/etc.) before it became taboo to have images of him on tv. So they now mock the idea that is okay to mock every other religion/religious leader, but not okay to mock muhammad. So they showed all of the other super best friends, but muhammad was only shown as someone inside of giant bear mascot, so you couldn't actually see who it was. I guess even so that was too offensive to muslims. It is unacceptable that a giant bear costume is shown with suggestion that inside is the muhammad. Killing that dutch film maker was one thing, nobody cares about that guy anyway. Making documentary about violence against woman in the muslim world, who cares. Sure i wouldn't consider that a capital offense, but how many people have even heard of the guy. You kill the creators of south park people are going to start saying you know what there really is something wrong with islam and muslims.

I don't think south park could ever beat out the simpsons as an entire series, but in terms of quality of humour it is pretty close, and in terms of satarizing it is got to be the best show of all time. For my money is way better, not really even comparable to family guy, which is moderately entertaining. South park and the simpsons and seinfeld are probably the top 3 comedies of all time. I think i could sit down and watch a couple hours of any of those regardless of how many times i had seen the episode. Anyway if you don't watch much south park, i highly recommend it, also, here's an interview with the creators.


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