Thursday, April 22

Would you look at those morons... I paid my taxes over a year ago!

Ahh, vampire dinosaur, you can't make that stuff up. So the first article where explains that roughly 47% of americans owe no income taxes. That's right half of americans are paying 0, or often less then 0 in income taxes. According to the article the bottom 40% actually make a profit, the government sends them income tax refunds, for money they never paid in income tax, because of various deductions/credits. well okay, if you want to have a society where only 50% of people pay for government services, okay, but here's the kicker the send article is a poll on whether your income taxes are too high, too low, or just right, and as it turns out 48% think their income taxes are too low or just right (45 said just right, 3 said too low.) with another 48% saying theirs is too high. So essentially what these means is that everyone who pays 0 income taxes or in fact gets money from the government, they feel their income tax burden is just right, while everyone who pays income taxes they all feel their burden is too high. I agree, nobody should have to pay income taxes, who wants this stupid government anyway, let's do away with income taxes. Of course the worst part of this is that it turns out the numbers are not even dependent on pay Among those who make 20,000 or less, still 44% of people say they pay too much, while of those who make 75,000 or more 48% say they pay too much, (the lowest is 41% among 20-30 thousand, and the most is 51% at 50-74.) So it's even worse than everyone who pays no taxes thinks their burden is just right, in fact half the people who pay no taxes (or get money from the government) feel their income tax burden is still too high. They should all be getting even more money from their wealthy neighbors as it turns out. It probably turns out they don't know the difference between income taxes/social security taxes/medicare, but frankly anyone who pays no income taxes and claims that their income tax level is too high should be ashamed of themselves. Either because of their ignorance, or even worse if they are not ignorant because they think it's right to live in a society where you are required to contribute nothing, and yet should have the right to demand that others not only pay for everything, but give you money on top of it.


Blogger Aras said...

You're ignoring a big thing Loky: most of those nitwits probably don't know it. So the Tax Policy Center, a Washington research organization, makes these estimates, and what? You think people realize that? To me it reads like 47% don't have to pay anything if they're smart enough to know how to file for all the credits they're eligible for, or if they hire tax consultants. Most of them probably don't know that.

Contrariwise, just because you get back as much in credit as you pay, doesn't mean you're not paying too much. Maybe the refunds are too big also, which is why it comes out to zero.

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