Tuesday, August 16

But first, lets check the death count from the killer storm bearing down on us, like a shotgun full of snow.

Finally!!! The government accomplishes something. It took a year of investigation, and 15 different government agencies working tirelessly in conjunction, including several brave men who offered to put their lives on the line by going under cover, but a dangerous gang of individuals who were selling illegal goods on the streets of california has finally been put away. Thank god we can all rest easy. What were they selling? Coke, Heroine, possibly Swank, (it's 10 times as addictive as marijuana) maybe guns or bomb making equipment. No they were selling unpasteurized milk and cheese. Also they weren't so much selling on the street as in a store. And as it turns out unpasteurized milk is legal in california as long as you have the proper permits, but this group allegedly didn't have the permits. So what is the death count from this deadly barrage of raw milk bearing down on us like a grenade full of cheese? Well as of the now the death count is 0, but it is ready to shoot right up. Damn you cheese!!! Thank god these intrepid government agents spend a year of their life investing this abomination unto humanity. Government salaries for the dozens of operatives working day in and day out on this investigation well worth the millions of dollars as long as we could prevent people from buying raw milk from somebody who hadn't filled out the proper paper work.


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Fucking government.

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