Wednesday, April 14

I'm having a little trouble with the government.

This is among the worst things i've ever heard. So hears the story, town needs more money so they decide to charge people for emergency services like if you call 911. That's not necessarily a terrible idea, but then this happens. A guy is in a car accident, which is not his fault. Someone else calls 911, when they were not needed, firetrucks arrive, leave without having done anything, and now this guy gets a bill for their services. What? So just to be clear, this guy never asked for any service, no service was needed or performed, and yet the government feels justified in handing him a bill for showing up. And of course the icing on the cake is that the guy who caused the accident is a town resident so his bill is half. By this logic government officials could show up at your door at anytime and charge you for it. Yeah we got a call that you need an ambulance here. No? Well that will $500 you're welcome. Nobody could possibly think this makes sense. I'm sick i call 911 they take me the hospital they charge some fee for that. Okay that makes sense. My house is on fire, someone else calls 911 they put the fire out, there's some fee for that, okay that makes sense. Even if i didn't want the fire department to show up the burning house poses a real threat to neighbors, and as such must be put out at the owners expense, that's okay. But now someone else called for a service that i don't want, that isn't needed, and that you do not perform, but it is my responsibility to pay for it? If anything the person making the phone call should pay for it, but then people won't make 911 phone calls, so what's the solution, what if i don't know we set up some sort of government, and we all just paid them some sort of tax, and then they used that money to provide us services like firemen. How about we also start charging extra for kids who make use schools? We need more money, it's only fair that people who are using the service pay for it right? Get those kids parents pocketbooks out. People who are robbed should obviously have to pay extra to have police investigate the crimes, plus a big bonus if the police actually solve a case.

p.s. once again extra credit for recognizing the simpsons quote. I just saw said episode recently, so it's fresh in my mind. Full quote below if needed.

: Say, what's going on?
: I'm having a little trouble with the government.
: Oh, those jerks always walking over the small businessman. Don't
get me started about the government.


Blogger Aras said...

Yeah that's buuuuuuuuuuuull shiiiiiiiiiiit. That guy should not have paid it, the claims agency would have had to take him to court, which is what he wanted anyway.

3:26 AM  

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