Friday, September 5

Let's go Impaling

It seems to me that the recent criticism of Sarah Palin is truly shockingly sexist. Now for the most part i don't have a problem with so called sexist comments even though i don't deny that there may some sexism involved. When people talked about hilary's pantsuits, and her cleavage, i'm not going to say it wasn't at all sexist, but it was within reasonable limits, at least for me. I think for the most part she got a bad coverage in the media because of their love of Obama, not because she was a woman. Maybe i'm wrong, but i think any man running against obama would have been treated equally shabbily. So now that Palin is a candidate, once i again i don't have a problem when Biden says the difference between him and palin is that she is hot. It's clearly a sexist comment meant to demean her and imply that she is a sexual object while he is a man of politics, almost certainly made subconsciously, and with it's reception of it subconsciously. So that's okay, i don't have a problem with people talking about her hairstyle being 20 years out of date because people talked about edward's hair. It's the exactly the same when people talked about him spending $400 on his hair cut, and talking about her not being stylish enough, but that's fine too. Talking about the actions of family members also not a big problem for me. I think if it was a man whose 17 old daughter was pregnant it would also be a big deal. I'm not saying it should be, or that it's legitimate to talk about, but i don't think it's sexist.

But what really flabbergasts me that people are saying can she really be a vice president with 5 children? Will she have time for her children? When are we living? The 1950s? First off it's just a silly question because the vice president has far fewer responsibilities and much more free time than the governor of alaska, at least historically cheney may be an exception i don't know. So if she can be one she can certainly be the other. But beyond that no man would ever be asked that. As other's have pointed out before me, nobody asked if edwards should still be in the race with his 2 children and a wife stricken with incurable cancer. Nobody asked if Biden should stay in the senate after his wife died in a car accident leaving him to raise 2 children by himself. And yet this woman whose got a husband by her side to help raise their family would she have time to be the vice president? I don't understand how people can say things like that and not be ridden out of town.

Of course on the humorous side of this story is the fact that at least half the people who have been making these sorts of remarks are women. Women who i'm sure were decrying the sexism against hilary, only to now spread it against Palin because they don't like her. And on the other side, all the conservatives who were saying the clinton should just stop whining and man up are now crying sexism against palin. or at least it would be funny if it wasn't true. I'll post some more thoughts on Palin later


Blogger Aras said...

Regarding prejudice in electing, check out the first comment here by Ivan Prost:

2:15 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

but the more interesting one is the second one because so many people actually feel that way.

10:56 PM  
Blogger Aras said...

You mean because so many women are, flattered or because they all consider it pandering?

4:33 AM  

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