Tuesday, June 10

What was X-men 2 about again?

I was looking to see what was on TV the other night and i noticed that X-men 2 was on. Here was the description that was given for X-men 2: Storm and the other mutants must fend for themselves after a right-wing militarist invades their school. Now i'm willing to admit it's been a while since i've seen any of the X-men movies, but i would be interested in knowing just what it is that makes the guy right-wing. As i recall he had a child who was a mutant and either intentionally or unintentionally caused his wife to kill herself. As a result he has decided that he wants to murder all mutants. Now which part of this is right-wing? Right-wingers want to murder mutants? Was this guy also advocating small government or an end to abortions? I don't see how any poltical tag can be used to describe him. The first movie revolved around a mutant registration bill. That would clearly be Left wing. It is the left wing that would want to register and know about everyone, as evidenced by their recent national finger print registry for anyone even remotely involved in the mortgage industry.


Blogger Aras said...

That's right. You should write to the TV about that!

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