Thursday, July 10

You are such a black hole

During a meeting of dallas county commissioners, a white guy said that central collections "had become a black hole" cause they are always losing stuff. Seems fairly benign to me. That's practically the definition of a black hole, an area where nothing, not even light can get out. Well if that's what you thought you would be quite mistaken. Another commissioner who is black interrupted him with a loud "excuse me" and said it had become a "white hole" after which a judge, also black, demanded the white guy apologize for a racially insensitive remark.

The first thought that comes to mind is laughter because this is so ridiculous, but the second thought is sadness because it is true. So either these 2 are such idiots that they don't know what a black hole, which seems impossible, but then again judges and county commissioners are made of such stuff. Or else so prejudiced that they look for any possible reason to start a race discussion. In either case they ought to be fired, but we all know that if anyone will suffer any consequences from this it will be the white guy.

The word black hole obviously has nothing to do with race, it has nothing to do with human beings at all. It is simply an area that is completely black because is no light. Should we just excise the use of the word black from the language. From now on you don't have a black eye, you have purple eye, and you can't get blackened chicken you have to get charred chicken. you can't have a black lab, you need to have a lab devoid of color, or possibly a lab of color i'm not sure which. Next time i hear someone mention a whiteout i'm to indignantly ask if doesn't mean blackout. And if someone mentions a white dwarf i'll correct him and say it's a black dwarf. NO, wait, a black little person.


Blogger Aras said...

or, you could start calling black holes african american holes.

and if you're going to be indignant, start bithching about men's rooms being labled with a person in pants. what the fuck, aren't men just as free as women are to wear dresses?!

8:18 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

That is great, both parts. I believe the enxt time i use the term black hole i will call it an african american hole.

although the men's room it could be claimed could easily be a picture of a nude man without any clothes, it's the women who have the real problem. That picture is clearly not a nude women and how often do women wear dresses nowadays. I guess in LT they still might more than here, but dresses are def not the norm for a girl anymore so what gives.

1:14 AM  
Blogger Aras said...

it probably comes down to segregated bathrooms being unconstitutional.

i thought of this because i was going to suggest that the only really clear symbols i've seen are little etchings of a boy pissing into a pot and a girl sitting on one. but then, girls are not the only people who sit down to pee: many hygiene minded people do too, since you then avoid splashing urine. if you did use those etchings, hygiene minded men would have to have the right to use the restroom intended for ladies.

1:48 AM  

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