Tuesday, September 23

I was told, there would be no math.

Word has come out, that the opening skit from this previous week's SNL was at least to some degree thought up by al franken. To what degree he was involved is up for debate, Franken claims that we was just talking to his old friend lorne micheals, and mentioned something off the top of his head, and unbenounced to him micheals passed it on to the writers who came up with the skit. And maybe that's all true, but it's a bad idea anyway. I don't think the skit was over the line or anything, it's exactly the type of skit you would expect from SNL. But whatever Franken's previous profession, he is now running for the senate in MN. and whether or not they are old friends, it's inappropriate to use suggestion of a democratic senator (or candidate) in mocking the the republican nominee on a (presumably) non-partisan show. This looks bad for everyone involved. It looks bad for franken who has been trying to convince minnesota that he's put his comedic past behind him, and it looks bad for SNL/NBC which doesn't want to feed in conservative critism that NBC is in the tank for Obama. I think SNL has been pretty bi-partisan, and in fact i think they helped bush win the election in 2000 with their mockery of al gore, and i don't remember them doing kerry any favors either, but this just looks bad, and was an error judgment.


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For an entertaining and encouraging bit on him, read this short piece: http://www.startribune.com/politics/state/19359734.html?elr=KArksDyycyUtyycyUiD3aPc:_Yyc:aUU

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